Step-by-Step Guide: How to Connect Sengled Lights to the Sengled Home App and Hub

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Connect Sengled Lights to the Sengled Home App and Hub

Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs offer a seamless and customizable lighting experience for your smart home. With their easy installation process and intuitive control options, you can transform your space with just a few simple steps. Here's a detailed guide on how to connect your lights to the Sengled Home App and Hub for a hassle-free installation.

Before we begin, make sure you have the necessary equipment and a compatible Zigbee hub or controller. Also, refer to the product manual or visit the manufacturer's website for any specific instructions related to your bulb model. Let's get started!

Step 1: Download the Sengled Home App
First things first, download the Sengled Home app from your app store.

Step 2: Create an Account and Log in
Create an account within the Sengled Home app by following the provided instructions. Once your account is set up, log in using your email address and password associated with your Sengled account.

Step 3: Add Device
Navigate to the β€œAdd Device” option within the app interface. This may be indicated by a plus sign in the top right corner.

Step 4: Set Up Your Hub
Select β€œStarter Kit or Smart Hub” on the screen and follow the prompts to add the hub. Ensure that you have all the necessary components as depicted on the screen, including the power and Ethernet cords provided in the box.

Step 5: Power Your Hub
Plug the hub into a wall outlet and connect it to your router using the provided Ethernet cord. The power indicator light on the hub will be blue if the hub is receiving power. Wait for at least 60 seconds to ensure a stable connection.

Step 6: Connect to Wi-Fi
Ensure that the phone or tablet you're using for setup is connected to the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi that your hub is plugged into. Please note that the Sengled Smart Hub cannot be set up on the 5.0 GHz network.

Step 7: Search for the Hub
Once your hub is powered on and connected, press β€œNext” to proceed to search for the hub within the Sengled Home app. Follow the app's instructions to complete the setup process.



Step 8: Name Your Hub
After the hub is successfully set up, you'll have the option to name your hub and organize any added bulbs into rooms via the Sengled Home app.


Step 9: Organize Your Lights
You can now organize the bulbs into rooms through the app. The app will display a list of preset rooms to choose from, allowing you to select a room and assign bulbs accordingly.


Step 10: Name and Customize
Once the connection is established, you can customize your Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulb settings. Assign a unique name to the bulb to easily identify it within your smart home system. Explore the control options, including brightness adjustment, color selection (if applicable), and scheduling features. Customize the lighting to suit your preferences and needs.


Congratulations! You have successfully connect your Sengled lights to the Sengled Home App and Hub. With their seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem, you can now enjoy personalized lighting control and create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Disclaimer: The specific steps and procedures mentioned in this guide may vary depending on the model and version of the Sengled Zigbee Smart Light Bulbs and the Zigbee hub or controller used. Always consult the product manuals and guidelines for accurate instructions related to your specific setup.

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Larry Dalton

Larry Dalton

I’m looking for a programming manual for either your LED bulbs or the Sengled hub where I can connect and control from ESP8266 or Arduino.

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