Illuminate your entire home with up to 64 smart lights and devices using our smart hub. This is a great option for power users looking to add many products from Sengled, the smart lighting expert.


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Zigbee Color A19/E26 - Hub RequiredZigbee Color A19/E26 - Hub Required
Sale priceFrom $19.99
Zigbee Color BR30/E26  - Hub RequiredZigbee Color BR30/E26  - Hub Required
Sale priceFrom $22.99
Smart HubSmart Hub
Sale price$29.99
Zigbee Candle Color B11/E26  - Hub RequiredZigbee Candle Color B11/E26  - Hub Required
Zigbee Light Strip - Hub RequiredZigbee Light Strip - Hub Required
Zigbee Light Strip - Sengled Club GiveawayZigbee Light Strip - Sengled Club Giveaway