4 Lighting Tips in Honor of National Color Day

4 Lighting Tips in Honor of National Color Day


Create the right mood for any situation

October 22, 2021 is National Color Day. While many people have been asking and answering the question “what’s your favorite color” since childhood, you may not realize the impact colors have on our everyday lives. 

However, science has provided many answers to help explain how different colors can trigger a particular mood or support varying activities

Provided by: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/people-places-and-things/201504/the-surprisingeffect-color-your-mind-and-mood)

One way to effectively take advantage of these benefits is through the convenience of programmable, multicolor smart lighting, which allows you to easily switch between colors to accommodate your needs throughout your home, office, or other location. 

From the Early Days of Rock and Roll

Colored lighting is so powerful in setting the right mood, Elvis Presley, more than half a century ago, had various colored lights installed in his Nashville studio, noting that the fluorescent lights reminded him of a hospital and halted his enthusiasm.

As the legend goes, he’d have the color changed to reflect the type of song he was singing. For instance, if he was belting out a sad love ballad, he’d go with blue. When he recorded a Christmas song, he’d use red and green. You can still see the colored lights today when touring the famed RCA Studio B.

Everyday Tips for Capturing Just the Right Color

While that seemed to work for Elvis, you may be wondering how you can apply this to your everyday life. Here are some colors to match with certain situations and a few other use cases. 

  • Waking Up – “Alexa, wake me up with light at 6 a.m.” While many of us rely on coffee in the morning, using programmed smart lighting routines to mimic the natural sunrise is not only a pleasant alternative to an alarm clock, it’s quite effective too. Pro tip: Daylight color temperature (CCT) is approximately 5,000K and is known to energize people. To achieve that level, our Sengled Smart Bluetooth LED Daylight A19 Bulb is a great choice. 
  • At the Office (or Home Office) – Green has been linked to creative thinking. On the other hand, red and yellow can help support a relaxed, yet alert mood, while blue can help you feel energized. So, depending on the task at hand, you’ll need the ease of switching colors. Pro tip: Try one of our multicolored bulbs, like the one found in our Sengled Smart LED Multicolor A19 Kit.
  • Doing Homework – Make reading fun for kids with scheduled routines and just the right color based on what they’re reading. Have fun with it. Maybe they’re reading a Halloween book. Go with orange. A tale of trekking Mount Everest? A soft blue may help mimic the cold, snowy climate.
  • Bedtime – Studies have shown the detrimental effect of certain light and colors when you’re trying to wind down for the night. Obviously, we want the opposite of our morning recommendation, this time choosing light that promotes a warm, calming ambiance. Pro tip: Try our Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED Soft White A19 Bulb

It can be set up directly to your Wi-Fi connection and controlled with an app or via voice for added convenience. 

As you can see, whatever the situation, the proper lighting and color can make all the difference. Feel free to try your own experimenting to see what works best for you.

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