5 Ways to Improve Lighting in Each Room

5 Ways to Improve Lighting in Each Room

Upgrading your home from traditional incandescent or CFL light bulbs to efficient LED bulbs can offer surprising energy and cost savings. In fact, today’s LEDs consume 80% less energy than conventional bulbs, which not only helps save money, but also offers a lifetime of over 20 years, so you don’t have to worry about changing burnt out bulbs (or purchasing new) for decades to come!

Adding “smart” features to LED bulbs delivers a wide range of lifestyle benefits as well, like personalized ambiance, convenience and more, turning your home into an streamlined (and consciously lit) retreat.

Here’s a rundown of how smart lighting can help in each room of the home:

In the kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home for many families, and having a flexible lighting solution can help create the perfect environment for every activity it hosts. Dimmable, voice controlled bulbs can create a bright atmosphere for better visibility while hands are busy cooking, and provide an invigorating feel for busy morning routines to help get you energized for the day. And of course, with cooking comes cleanup – so consider installing a lighting system with integrated speakers into recessed ceiling cans to make cleanup less of a chore.

In the dining room

The dining room is another all-purpose space, so it makes sense that the lighting you choose caters to the memories you make. Frequent family dinners and hosted dinner parties call for a warm, inviting atmosphere. A cool, bright atmosphere is perfect for homework and family game night, creating an invigorating space that sparks mental sharpness, wit, and creativity. If your space calls for both, consider lighting that allows you to easily tune from warm (2700K) to cool (5000K).

In the living room

The living room is a gathering space where families come together for entertainment and relaxation. Whether you’re play games, reading or catching up on your favorite TV series, it’s easy for everyone in the family to adjust the lights remotely using the app, and find an element that matches their mood or activity. Lightbulbs with integrated speakers can help create an immersive surround sound experience perfect for movie marathons or sporting events, without the eyesore of wires.

In the bedroom

Did you know that certain kinds of light can interfere with your sleep? Blue light, like that emitted from some LED bulbs and many electronic devices, can alter your body’s natural circadian rhythm, making it challenging to get a proper nights rest. Adjustable smart lighting allows you to choose the color temperature that’s right for you, and offers warmer shades that helps signal to your body that it’s time for rest. Then, programmable settings like wake-up routine simulate a natural sunrise to gently wake you from slumber each morning (any excuse to avoid the alarm clock, am I right?)

In the kids’ rooms, a gradually dimming bulb can be used as a nightlight for added comfort, and help parents safely find her way across a minefield of Legos while existing the room.


Smart lighting is helpful outdoors, too. For added safety and convenience, floodlights with integrated motion sensors help to automatically illuminate walkways, and keep unwanted visitors at bay. Bulbs with integrated cameras help keep a discreet eye on your property, and allow you to monitor everything you love most from anywhere right from your smartphone.

Smart lighting is a smart move

While energy savings might get most of the attention, LED smart lighting is about more than just being savvy, frugal and eco-friendly. It can also help you create a home that’s warm and inviting, a place to escape the rigors of the outside world and improve your overall well-being. Isn’t feeling happier, better rested and more relaxed worth the 30 seconds it takes to change a lightbulb?

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